AbOminOg Intl. - Arts Collective: Founding Member  
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  Iron Pour at Grounds for Sculpture  November 3 2012  
  Iron Pour at Grounds for Sculpture  November 5 2011  
  2010 Art All Night's Molten Solstice Spectacular: Trenton, New Jersey  
  2009 National Conference on Cast Iron Art: Sloss Furnace, Birmingham, Alabama  
  Aluminum Casting workshop at Wheaton Arts with Steve Morse of Sea Robin Glass Studio  
  Princeton, New Jersey's 2006 Social Sculpture Experiment  
  Here is a video by Chris Allen explaining the design and showing various stages in the
construction of the Stone Table for its original installation at Quark Park, Princeton, NJ in 2006.

Original installation of the Stone Table at Quark Park (2006)